The vikings navigated between the 8th and 11th century,
not only the entire Baltic Sea area and the seas until Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland, but also the Mediterranean Sea and the rivers of the east until the Black Sea.

Though not only as plunderers and warriors, but also as settlers, traders and craftsmen.

In order to present a descriptive history, we show the weapons and arms,
the ships, the garments, the jewellery, and arts and crafts,
as well as the daily performing of the usual things in

Our aim is not only to "disguise" ourselves and "play viking",
but to render the epoch before the turn of the first milleniun as correctly as possible.
That means intensive research in museums and
with the archaeologically found material and historical sources.
Our equipment is down to the last detail as originally faithful as possible,
and we grapple with the mentality of the viking period.

All this is necessary for a convincing and believable authentic representation.